Alerts & Updates

Help End Child Summer Hunger

May 27, 2014
Last week Senator Patty Murray introduced new legislation to help fight child hunger during summer months!

Tell Congress: Don’t weaken child nutrition standards!

May 19, 2014
The federal budget process is underway in Congress right now. You may have already heard that the House budget, authored by House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, proposes cutting SNAP by $135 billion over the next ten years, an absolutely unconscionable action as SNAP has already been cut due to the loss of the economic stimulus boost and in the Farm Bill.

AHNC Update: Survey and Meeting Reminder

May 8, 2014
Background of Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition: The Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition brings the voices of hungry families to Washington’s policy makers to insure public policy leads our response to hunger in our state.

An Opportunity for Change for AHNC: We Need to Hear from YOU!

May 2, 2014
We wanted to let you know about some important changes that AHNC will be undergoing in the next few months.

SNAP Benefits Saved!

April 10, 2014
Great news! Governor Inslee announced today that Washington will take steps to preserve Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for approximately 200,000 households in Washington. first time in several years that session has ended on time!

AHNC 2014 Session Summary

March 14, 2014
Late last night, the 2014 legislative session adjourned.  This is the first time in several years that session has ended on time!

Act NOW to Keep Breakfast After the Bell Moving

March 5, 2014
Send a message NOW to keep the Breakfast After the Bell bill moving! The Senate Budget bill (SB 6002) as passed by the House today included language that would fund the Breakfast After the Bell bill (HB 2536), should it pass.

Anti-Hunger Programs Under House Budget Proposal

February 26, 2014
The House Budget proposal was released this afternoon at a news conference. Here’s how the AHNC Priorities fared in this budget compared to the Senate.

Update on Anti-Hunger Programs in Senate Budget

February 25, 2014
The Senate Majority Caucus Supplemental Budget proposal was released yesterday afternoon at a news conference. Here’s how the AHNC Priorities fared in this budget.

Fiscal Cutoff and Gearing up for Budget Talks

February 14, 2014
Week 5 of the 2014 Legislative Session started with a rush to move bills through the fiscal committee, House Appropriations and Senate Ways and Means, by the end of the day Tuesday.

Successful Hunger Action Day and Update on Policy Cutoff

February 10, 2014
Thanks to everyone who braved the elements to attend Hunger Action Day on Friday in Olympia! Our numbers, carrots, and orange scarves made a real impression on the Capitol Campus.

Update for Week 3 of the Legislative Session

January 31, 2014
Hearings will be held next week on the House and Senate Breakfast After the Bell bills.

Cuts to SNAP in Farm Bill

January 28, 2014
The House and Senate conference committee on the Farm Bill came to an agreement this weekend and filed their report on Monday evening. It appears that the House will vote on the conference bill Wednesday.

AHNC 2014 Session Update – Week 2 

January 28, 2014
Thanks to everyone who made a contact in Olympia last week! Please make sure you are registered for Hunger Action Day HERE!  We are putting an extra shout out to folks who live in the following legislative districts where we have meetings but no attendees so far:  Districts 3, 4, 15, 17, 25.

Farm Bill Update

December 13, 2013
At this time, Congress does not have plans to vote on a conference report for the Farm Bill until early January. The lead negotiators on the Farm Bill hope that the conference report, once passed by the Conference Committee, will move swiftly through votes in the House and the Senate in order to pass a new five-year Farm Bill before the end of January.

National Call-In Day to Protect SNAP

December 2, 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 4 is a National Day of Action to protect SNAP. Anyone can call their member of Congress using this toll-free number: (877) 752-6479. When prompted, enter your zip code and listen to the brief instructions.

We’re Thankful for Your Advocacy!

November 27, 2013
Late last week, talks between the lead negotiators on the Farm Bill broke down. At the heart of the disagreement is division over both reforming the crop subsidies program and SNAP. The lead negotiators, (the Chairs and Ranking Members of both the Senate and House Agriculture Committees) are continuing their talks over conference calls this week while Congress is on Thanksgiving recess.

End Shut Down national call-in days; Farm Bill conference & prepping for 2014 in Olympia

October 10, 2013
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is circulating a letter to Farm Bill Conferees in support of full funding for SNAP in the Farm Bill.  As the Senate and House move towards a farm bill conference, anti-hunger champions in Congress need our voices to demonstrate the large breadth of support for SNAP and opposition to the draconian cuts in the House Bill.

Federal government shut down – what we know

October 3, 2013
With the federal government closed since Tues, Oct. 1 and no Continuing Resolution on the budget in sight, advocates need to let Congress know this shut down hurts constituents. It needs to end now!

National ‘Call Congress’ day on Tues. – Vote NO on Farm Bill

September 17, 2013
This is it! Today the House released its nutrition bill for the Farm Bill and, as warned, it does include $40 billion in cuts to SNAP and the House could vote as soon as Thursday.

Farm Bill Update – New House Proposal

August 5, 2013
Last week, House Republican Leadership announced that a working group led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has agreed on a framework for a House nutrition-only bill that includes $40 billion in cuts to SNAP over ten years, nearly double the amount of cuts included in the House Agriculture Committee’s Farm Bill that was defeated in June.

DEVESTATED by today’s House vote to pass ag-only Farm Bill today

July 12, 2013
We are just devastated by today’s votes to pass an ag-only Farm Bill in the House. Early on, they approved moving forward a split Farm Bill that separates agriculture and nutrition titles, severing the long-time coalition and common interests between farmers and consumers, especially low-income people.

House vote on Thurs. could dismantle Farm Bill & SNAP

July 10, 2013
THURSDAY, July 11 the House Rules Committee plans a vote that could take SNAP out of the Farm Bill – creating an ag-only bill and a SNAP-only bill out of the current Farm Bill structure. That will just open the door for an onslaught of stand-alone amendments that would dismantle SNAP as we know it.

Farm Bill action: Community Sign On Letter

June 7, 2013
Full House will begin debate on the Farm Bill and they need to hear from us now!

Farm Bill action & State budget action

May 9, 2013
Both the House and Senate are planning to mark up new versions of the Farm Bill – the Senate may begin this week – so let’s get going (again)! Neither the Senate nor House versions of the Farm Bill…

Update on Olympia & Congress Action Alert

April 26, 2013
Regular session ending – but our advocacy doesn’t:This Sunday marks the end of the Legislature’s regular session, but they are a long way off from ending their work. This is a “long” session…

House budget action NOW!

April 10, 2013
House budget released – please pick up your phone today! When the Senate released their budget proposal last week, we celebrated that there was progress…

Senate budget released

April 3, 2013
Revenue: We all need to talk to our Senators about revenue. We stand in strong support for the need to find revenue to help Washington pay for existing need for services …

Gov. Takes Important First Step to Turn the Tide of Cutting Services

March 28th, 2013
Gov. Inslee released his plan today to help fund our kids and communities by closing tax loopholes and raising revenue. To begin to address our $2.3 billion deficit, he would end tax exemptions…

State Economic Forecast: Gloomy with Continued Unmet Needs

March 22nd, 2013
On Wednesday, the state’s latest economic forecast was released – once again, the news is bad but some feared it would be worse. Here are several factors that are driving our deficit…

New leaders, New Budget Deficit Estimates, and More

March 15th, 2013
New leaders named to Dept. of Agriculture & Dept. of Health: Gov. Inslee named Okanogan rancher, chair of Washington’s Salmon Recovery Board, and former Okanogan Co….

Asking for Champions at Session Halfway Point

March 8th, 2013
This week marked the halfway point for the 2013 legislative session. Each of our anti-hunger priorities has a legislator sign on letter and we’re looking for more champions for all of them…

Hunger Action Day Agenda

February 21st, 2013
Download the Hunger Action Day agenda now and be prepared for the Coalition’s day of advocacy.

Hunger Action Day is in 2 Weeks!

February 12th, 2013
Friday, Feb. 22 is our opportunity to make hunger a visible, undeniable priority for legislators – help us make a big orange splash in Olympia….

State Food Assistance

February 4th, 2013
No child should go to school hungry. No elder should have to cut back on food to pay rent. But since the 50% cut to State Food Assistance (SFA) went into effect last summer….

2nd week of session updates!

January 25, 2013
The second week of session was full of meetings with legislators to talk about our coalition’s priorities. As we meet with lawmakers, we are hearing….

First week of session: New Legislature and new Governor begin

January 18, 2013
The legislative session began on Monday but the Senate was in flux after the takeover by the “majority coalition,” made up of Senate Republicans and two breakaway Democrats….

105 Days and Counting

January, 2013
Jay Inslee will be inaugurated and the Legislative session begins on Monday – this year is a “long session” (105 days… at least) in which the legislature…..

Get Ready for Session

December, 2012
Updates on Olympia & Congress: Governor’s budgets, Senate shake up, and gearing up for Hunger Action Day & the fiscal cliff, Farm Bill and a new Congress…..

Call House Members Today

December, 2012
Boehner’s “Plan B” will have a vote on Thursday – make sure your Representative hears from you to vote NO. Mulvaney’s House Resolution 6684….

Update and Action Alert

November 28, 2012
Together we have decided on our legislative priorities for 2013, and we are a just a little over 2 months away from Hunger Action Day….

Lame Duck Call-In Day

November, 2012
Join anti-poverty advocates for our National Call-In Day on Wednesday, Nov. 28 urgingCongress to protect and strengthen SNAP (food stamps) and…..

Vote for AHNC priorities in Olympia

November 28, 2012
More information about each of these issues is included in the meeting notes from recent coalition meetings, as well as short descriptions online.

Update and Action Alert

November 20, 2012
Vote for all the issues you want included on the Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition’s 2013 legislative agenda. There is no limit to how many issues….

Membership Meeting Today

November 13 , 2012
Membership Meeting Agenda Tuesday, November 13, 2012…..

Election Results

November, 2012
The AHNC membership meeting next Tuesday, Nov. 13 will outline the priorities proposed for our Coalition’s legislative agenda…..

Protect SNAP From Budget Cuts

October 1, 2012
Drastic cuts to SNAP are on the table in Congress and nearly half of all SNAP participants are children. If Congress cuts fundings…..

Meeting Reminder

September, 2012
This is a reminder for the Membership Meeting on September 18th. See below for meeting’s agenda. PLEASE RSVP to Julie Washburn…..

Read Hungry in Washington

September, 2012
Each year the Children’s Alliance publishes an analysis of the results from USDA’s survey on household food security, outlining the impact of food insecurity and hunger on Washington families…..

Weekly Update: Act NOW to protect SNAP (food stamps) in Congress! ACTION Alert

June 5, 2012
Please tell Senators Cantwell and Murray to support the Gillibrand amendment that restores cuts to Heat and Eat in the Farm Bill….

Weekly Update: Session Wrap-Up! Federal ACTION Alert

 April 13th, 2012
This week the House and the Senate agreed on a budget proposal to send to Governor Gregoire for her signature!   The special legislative session ended at midnight on Tuesday…

Weekly Update: State Revenue ACTION Alert, Federal SNAP Update

March 30, 2012

AHNC Members, The special legislative session is slated to end mid-April and members of the House and Senate continue to work together to reconcile a budget to send to the governor…


Weekly Update: Staying the Course

March 23rd, 2012

As you know, last week the Senate approved a harmful budget which cuts State Food Assistance (food stamp benefits for legal immigrants).  The Senate budget closes no tax loopholes,…

Write an LTE in Support of State Food Assistance- A Handy Guide

March 15, 2012

Prepared by SFA advocates   Send a Letter to the Editor highlighting the impact of cutting State Food Assistance on children and families. In particular, we should focus on media…

Weekly Update: What the Heck is Happening in Olympia?!

 March 9, 2012
By now you have received numerous emails from the AHNC and other stakeholders, asking you to take action and contact lawmakers in Olympia to urge them to support…

ACTION Alert & Weekly Update: Session Has Started!

 January 13, 2012
The 2012 Legislative Session is underway.  AHNC will continue to send you critical action alerts and updates each week as we work to…