Tell Congress: Don’t weaken child nutrition standards!

Tell Congress: Don’t weaken child nutrition standards!    

The federal budget process is underway in Congress right now. You may have already heard that the House budget, authored by House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, proposes cutting SNAP by $135 billion over the next ten years, an absolutely unconscionable action as SNAP has already been cut due to the loss of the economic stimulus boost and in the Farm Bill. But the budget appropriations process is also being used to weaken childhood nutrition programs and your advocacy is needed to put a stop to it.

The House and likely the Senate are set to vote this week week  on proposals that purport to ask for flexibility in the WIC program and in nutritional standards for school meals, but in reality, they are efforts to weaken these programs and guidelines that are based on scientific research to increase the nutritional value of food served to our children. These efforts include a requirement to include white potatoes in WIC food packages, a weakening of or delaying the implementation of rules that limit sugary beverages and unhealthy snack foods in schools, and weakening standards that call for more whole grains and less sodium in school meals.

Take Action

Please do at least one of the following before May 20 to tell Congress that we will not stand for the weakening of child nutrition standards!

  • Join the National WIC Association on a National Call-in Day on May 19th and contact Members of Congress toll-free via 1-855-435-7942
  • Sign the petition at Please share the petition widely – through your action network, Facebook, Twitter. Some model social media posts are below.
  • Call, write, tweet at you Senators and ask them to oppose any effort to weaken school nutrition or WIC nutrition standards. Email Jessica Almy for talking points and here is a model tweet:

Dear @ElectedOfficial (add in your Senators or Rep’s handle here), look how great school lunch can be: Don’t weaken school nutrition standards. #SaveSchoolLunch


Join me in telling Congress: school lunch is off limits. Don’t play politics with children’s health. #SaveSchoolLunch

First Congress declared pizza a vegetable…now this: #SaveSchoolLunch

Please Congress: protect children’s health. Nutrition should be the standard for school lunch, not politics.


First Congress legislated that pizza is a vegetable in the school lunch program. Now they want to take vegetables out of school lunch – and gut the standards for salt, whole grains and snacks. Tell Congress to stop playing politics with our children’s health! [add photo from the petition]

Join me in telling Congress: don’t play politics with children’s health and weaken school lunch nutrition standards. Then spread the word. [Free use photo from SNAP Ed:]

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