Anti-Hunger Programs Under House Budget Proposal

House Budget Proposal

The House Budget proposal was released this afternoon at a news conference. Here’s how the AHNC Priorities fared in this budget compared to the Senate:



AHNC Request Amount

Senate Budget Proposed Amount

House Budget Proposed Amount

Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP)

$1 million


$1 million

Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)




State Food Assistance (SFA)

$1.367 millioin



Breakfast After the Bell

(fiscal note for the bill)



*We believe an error was made in the Senate budget and funding for FMNP was supposed to be included at this level but it was listed for a different program.  We have been told this error has been fixed.


For those of you who have been advocating for funding for the Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP), it is a great win to see the funding in both the House and Senate proposals.  It still needs to make it into the final compromise budget, but this is a really great step.

Unfortunately we have to take the positive news about EFAP with some disappointing news.  The other programs on AHNC’s legislative agenda – State Food Assistance, the Farmers Market Nutrition Program, and Breakfast After the Bell – were not funded in the House budget proposal.

There is a House Appropriations hearing today (Wednesday) at 6:00pm where they will discuss the proposed House budget.

Next, the House and Senate will move forward into negotiations to develop a final budget.

Action: Click here to send a message to legislators thanking them for supporting funding for the Emergency Food Assistance Program.