National Call-In Day to Protect SNAP

National Call-In Day to Protect SNAP

Wednesday, Dec. 4 is a National Day of Action to protect SNAP. Anyone can call their member of Congress using this toll-free number: (877) 752-6479. When prompted, enter your zip code and listen to the brief instructions. Sample message:

  • As a constituent, I’m hoping [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] will oppose any cuts to SNAP as you consider the Farm Bill and other legislation this year.
  • Current SNAP proposals would be devastating to families and children across the country and would cause more than 4 million people to lose benefits entirely. In WA, hundreds of thousands of households would see cuts or lose benefits altogether and WA can’t afford that.
  • I am asking [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to oppose cuts to SNAP.

Join and promote our Thunderclap on Dec. 4 via Facebook & Twitter – Get the message out before Wednesday.  

Thunderclap shares a common message from thousands of people at the same time through Facebook and Twitter. Supporters must sign up in advance, and then Thunderclap blasts a timed Facebook post and/or Tweet from all who are registered. Sending the message at the same time maximizes impact. This Thunderclap is scheduled for December 4 at 9am (noon, EST), so please encourage your networks to sign up in advance. Sign up here:  ( to join our Thunderclap in support of SNAP.

Urge your organization and your social media networks to participate – you can use these sample Facebook posts and Tweets:


  • Congress is considering unprecedented cuts to food stamps for hungry families. Join our Dec 4 Thunderclap to make your voice heard and tell our leaders no cuts to SNAP.
  • December 4 is a National Day of Action to Protect SNAP. Join our Thunderclap to make our voices heard as we tell Congress loud and clear that #SNAPWorks
  • Do you want to be one of thousands raising your voice in support of hungry families on SNAP? Join our Thunderclap to share your support on Facebook and Twitter on our National Day of Action:


  • Protect families from going hungry. Join the Dec 4 @ThunderclapIt to make your voice heard. Sign up today #SNAPworks
  • Join the @ThunderclapIt for the National Day of Action on Dec. 4 to Protect SNAP! Sign up today #SNAPworks
  • Congress may cut food for hungry kids, seniors, families. Join the Dec 4 @ThunderclapIt to say no. Sign up today #SNAPworks
  • National Day of Action to Protect SNAP is Dec. 4. Support the @ThunderclapIt to make your voice heard! #SNAPworks