DEVASTATED by today’s House vote to pass ag-only Farm Bill today

We are just devastated by today’s votes to pass an ag-only Farm Bill in the House. Early on, they approved moving forward a split Farm Bill that separates agriculture and nutrition titles, severing the long-time coalition and common interests between farmers and consumers, especially low-income people.

As one member said in the floor debate: “We grow food to feed people…this bill just turns it into growers… and this takes out the people who need food.”

After approving the proposal to split the bill, the House held a floor debate (that was deeply contentious at several points) on the agriculture-only titles of the Farm Bill (from June). The bill on the floor did not include SNAP or other nutrition programs.

It is not clear what will happen next on for SNAP and the nutrition-only bill. FRAC released a statement on House passage of partial Farm Bill – read it here. The final vote on the ag-only Farm Bill was 216 -208 in favor. The final roll call is here. Eleven members did not vote. Washington’s delegation votes:
1. DelBene (D) – no
2. Heck (D) – no
3. Kilmer (D) – no
4. Larsen (D) – no
5. McDermott (D) – no
6. Hastings (R) – yes
7. Herrera Buetler (R) – yes
8. McMorris Rodgers (R) – yes
9. Reichert (R) – yes
10. Smith (D) – not voting

Please thank your members who voted no and urge all members to protect SNAP in the coming votes.

THANK YOU for your advocacy and your inspiring fight for hungry families.
We will keep you posted as we hear more.