PLEASE sign on to letter against SNAP cuts in House Farm Bill

Full House will begin debate on the Farm Bill and they need to hear from us now!

The House will begin debate of their version of the Farm Bill in the week of June 17 — the current bill proposes cutting $20.5 BILLION from food stamps (SNAP) in the next ten years. The changes in eligibility and enrollment processes would be deeply damaging to low-income people in every area of Washington State:

  • More than 85,000 households would lose all food stamp benefits
  • All children in these households would lose access to free school meals
  • An additional 232,000 households would lose up to $90/month in food stamp benefits.
  • It would fundamentally change our state’s food stamp outreach program, impacting social service providers’ ability to help low-income clients get benefits they are eligible for.

For information about sustainable agriculture issues in the Farm Bill, please check out our partners’ priorities at Washington State Farmers Market Assoc. and Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network.

We are asking you to SIGN ON to the attached letter of support for SNAP
by June 14.   Attached is a letter outlining the terrible impacts of the proposed House Farm Bill — along with the list of Washington organizations that signed on last year.  Our goal: every organization that signed on last year will do it again – and get two more organizations in their community to sign on.

We will deliver this letter to every House member before they begin debate the following week.

In the 14th hungriest state in the country, with demand at food banks up 35%, and further state and local cuts to the safety net expected, Washington families need our Representatives to take a strong stand against a Farm Bill that cuts SNAP.

What to do now: Take 2 Steps for Action

  1. Sign on your organization to Washington’s community support letter against cuts to SNAP in the House Farm Bill.
  2. Send this letter on to your partner organizations and coalitions for their sign on by JUNE 14.

Thank Reps. McDermott, Smith, Heck and Kilmer for co-sponsoring H. Res. 90 and urge them to stand by their pledge: Vote no on a Farm Bill if it cuts SNAP.

Thank you. We are very concerned that the House will damage the program that does the best job fighting hunger in our communities – we appreciate your strong stand alongside hungry families.