Gov. Takes Important First Step to Turn the Tide of Cutting Services

This is the leadership we’ve been looking for!   

Gov. Inslee released his plan today to help fund our kids and communities by closing tax loopholes and raising revenue. To begin to address our $2.3 billion deficit, he would end tax exemptions for special interests that are fighting not to have to pay their fair share. He also would extend the revenue package that was passed in 2010.  In total, Gov. Inslee’s plan would raise $1.2 billion in revenue to fund basic improvements in education.

This is a good start – but with our voices, we can do better.The Governor’s proposal today is not a budget – it reflects his priorities and offers some solutions to our upside down tax system. Yet his solutions address only our obligations to education – not to all the other needs our state faces. We can’t look at education or services in isolation: hungry kids can’t learn; kids whose families face crisis can’t learn.

AHNC members stand in strong support of this plan that creates revenue to meet our duty to improve basic education under the McCleary decision, but we have many more steps ahead of us as the House and Senate create a budget.

Yet Washington can’t get where we need to be if we can’t take the first step. This week, please tell your lawmakers to follow Gov. Inslee’s lead to smarter budgets and better futures for Washington families.