Hunger Action Day is in 2 Weeks!

Hunger Action Day is in 2 Weeks!

Friday, Feb. 22 is our opportunity to make hunger a visible, undeniable priority for legislators – help us make a big orange splash in Olympia!

If you plan to come, make sure you register here and we’ll schedule appointments for you with your lawmakers.

If you can’t come to Olympia, you can join online — sign the Hunger Action Day petition here and be sure to add a personal message to your lawmakers about why it’s so important that we protect our anti-hunger programs and fix our state budget.

If you think solving hunger is important, speak up and spread the word – tell your colleagues, board members, clients and neighbors to register or sign the petition for Hunger Action Day 2013!

Strong message from Rep. Steve Bergquist today: Sick, hungry and homeless kids can’t learn – fund education right by closing tax loopholes, funding schools and taking care of those in need.

It seems obvious to us, but this is a message that lawmakers need to understand, and we’re thrilled with this piece from House Democrat, Steve Bergquist (11th LD) today: Sick, hungry and homeless kids can’t learn – and families shouldn’t have to choose between education and work. It doesn’t have to be this way: Washington shouldn’t have to choose between funding education and the safety net. Thank him for his strong stand for families!

AHNC knows there are options on the table to fix our upside-down tax system without rigging it against low- and middle-income families. One easy-to-understand example of how Washington’s revenue system isn’t working is here: Our state ranks as the most regressive tax system in the U.S. This means low-income and middle-income households pay more of their income in taxes than the wealthiest households. A new capital gains tax proposal and closing certain tax loopholes would go a long way towards fixing our state budget hole.

Our Partners in Olympia – Lobbying works!

Last week, the Good Food Coalition sponsored a Food & Farming Lobby Day – more than 40 people came to Olympia to talk about restoring funds for Farm to School & Small Farms Programs at WSDA. Soon AHNC will be asking your organization to sign on to a letter of support for these programs – stay tuned! On Feb. 6, One America sponsored Immigrants Day at the Capitol and talked with legislators about the importance of restoring State Food Assistance benefits. On Feb. 8, Faith Action Network is sponsoring Interfaith Lobby Day, which will be another opportunity to speak up about feeding hungry people.

This is how advocacy works: many voices, one message to legislators:

no one in Washington should go to bed hungry.