Membership Meeting Today

Membership Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2:30-4:30pm @ WithinReach 155 NE 100th St #500, Seattle WA 98125

Conference call-in: (712) 432-0900 – access code: 677657

2:30 Gather and Updates(Julie Washburn)

3:00 Coalition Business(Claire Lane)

Updated website

Contact/action alert list – sign up!

Planning for Hunger Action Day

3:10 Who was elected where? (Claire)

Review election results and how that changes Olympia

3:30 Proposals for 2013 Legislative Agenda (Claire)

State Food Assistance – Linda Stone, Children’s Alliance

Emergency Food Assistance Program – Julie Washburn, WA Food Coalition

Farm to School – Karen Kinney, WA State Farmers Market Assoc.

Revenue – Gina Clark, Food Lifeline

Other legislative priorities?

Protect: School meal funding, Farmers Market Nutrition Programs for WIC and Seniors
– and others?

4:20 Next AHNC meetings & other meetings for AHNC calendar(Julie)

mid-December – Governor releases budget (Steering Committee conference call)

February 22 – Hunger Action Day

4:30 Adjourn