ACTION Alert: Act NOW to protect SNAP (food stamps) in Congress!

Please tell Senators Cantwell and Murray to support the Gillibrand amendment that restores cuts to Heat and Eat in the Farm Bill.

The Senate is expected to debate and vote on the Farm Bill starting today. Your calls and emails are needed TODAY to make sure that Washington’s Senators will support and champion the Gillibrand amendment and strengthen and protect SNAP. Please email or call Senators Cantwell and Murray with our message below, personalized with any additional information of your own:

The Senate Agriculture Committee’s Farm Bill will make it impossible for Washington to continue to offer the Heat and Eat program that has cut administrative costs and raised food stamp benefits for 40% of the families who rely on SNAP here in Washington. Without Heat and Eat, a minimum of 200,000 Washington households will lose $90 in SNAP benefits each month. That means less food in household refrigerators and pantries and longer lines at food bank and meal program doors. Prevent families from having to choose between food or other necessities like housing, utilities, and health care: join Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand by supporting and championing her amendment to restore Heat and Eat. Protect families-protect and strengthen SNAP!

Leave a message for Senators Cantwell and Murray by calling any of the following:

*       U.S. Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
*       Sen. Maria Cantwell: 1-888-648-7328
*       Sen. Patty Murray: 1-866-481-9186

Send them an email by completing the following online forms: