ACTION Alert: Contact Leaders in Olympia- Restore SFA, Support New Revenue

AHNC Members,

As the first week of the special legislative session comes to a close, leaders of the House and Senate continue to work to finalize a budget to send to the Governor. On Thursday the Senate approved a budget that again cuts State Food Assistance (food stamp benefits for legal immigrants). The special session is slated to last 30 days, however a deal to reconcile the House and Senate budgets could be reached at any time. Anti-hunger and nutrition advocates continue to work in Olympia to protect critical programs our neighbors across the state rely on, including State Food Assistance.

ACTION Alert: Our champions on this issue, as well as memberships of leadership in both caucuses, need to continue to hear from us to support this critical anti-hunger program and to ask the Legislature to find an alternative to an all-cuts budget. The Senate budget closes no tax loopholes, provides no tax on capital gains and no other way to raise revenue to support the many critical health and safety net programs that have been cut in their budget (including Disability Lifeline, TANF benefits and more). Some critical voices in the legislature are:


Rep. Eric Pettigrew (37th)

Rep. Pat Sullivan (47th)

Rep. Ross Hunter (48th)

House Speaker Rep. Frank Chopp (43rd)

Rep. Jeannie Darnielle (27th)

Rep. Timm Ormbsy  (3rd)

Rep. Andy Billig (3rd)

Rep. Bob Hasegawa (11th)

Rep. Phyllis Kenney (46th)

Rep. Luis Moscoso (1st)

Rep. Sharon Santos (37th)

Rep.  Cindy Ryu (32nd)

Rep. Sherry Appleton (23rd)

Rep. Kevin Van de Wege (24th)

Rep. Tami Green (28th)


Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown (3rd)

Sen. Ed Murray (43rd)

Sen. Derek Kilmer (26th)

Sen. Craig Pridemore (49th)

Sen. Steve Hobbs (44th)

Sen. Brian Hatfield (19th)

Sen. Joe Zarelli (18th)

Sen. Joe Fain  (47th)

Sen. Steve Litzow (41st)

Sen. Andy Hill (45th)

Advocates are also working to keep the need for these programs at the forefront in the media, with feature articles, letters to the editor, and op-eds.  Here are a few from this week:

The News Tribune: Failure to Fund TANF Would Destroy Family Safety Net

Publicola: Who’s Framing the Debate Now?

Spokesman Review: Lawmakers Choosing Between Gimmicks, People

Letter to the Editor: Preserve Food Assistance

There is an effort to increase Letters to the Editor in key legislative districts on behalf of State Food Assistance:

Click here for a guide to submitting LTEs (also attached) to media outlets in the districts of critical members of the state legislature.  The guide includes sample LTEs, and a list of news publications per district to send your letter to. If you have the ability to push out LTEs in these areas, signed by constituents, please do so.

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